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Welcome to Web Call an innovative WebRTC Real Time Communication Click-to-call solution, enabling your online web visitors to call you for free from any part of the world to any device.

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Click-to-Call Marketplace is a WebRTC-based technology & an analytics-enabled Real Time Communication
that delivers high quality inbound phone calls free of charge from a Web page to anyone, and to any device.
Webcall doo Beograd Serbia - WebRTC Award Winner Product of the Year 2015

What is Web Telephony?

Webcall is WebRTC-based Real Time Communication that service allows your website visitors to call you free of charge from any part of the world. HTML script tag embedded in url path to your website by easy and simple step to get Click to Call us button. Visitors of your website do not need any software to download, No Plugins or phone dialing codes to call you...
No 0800 number needed nor VoIP provider to connect.


WebRTC World a click to Talk works great for improving On line sales and customer care. With Webcall Click to Call, you can increase conversion rates and sales performance while closing deals faster. You can significantly improve your customer satisfaction by adding values and optimizing the load on your contact center.

No VoIP Clients needed

WebRTC Web Call is totally browser based. You do not need any kind of external VoIP Client, just a web browser using your Flash player or JavaScript. So simple and seamless! - Your HTML script activates a web telephony channel between your web site and your desired destination: Landline, Mobile or a Desktop softphone offered. (customer service...)

Global Partners Required

Affiliate programs can earn you money. Learn about the type of program, linking methods to our platform and how franchisee partnership can work for you... (Partner's form application...)

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We blend the strategic with creative

Webphone and LiveHelp chat provides world class services like technical, sales and consultancy. We provide a full range of services at an affordable price, while we maintain a high standard of quality and safety for different clients. Add them to your list as an effective, innovative and cost-effective service.


Webcall: The WebRTC Product of the Year Award honors solutions that support browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without the need of either internal or external plug-ins.
This newly minted award recognizes vendors who are advancing the WebRTC industry one solution at a time.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 WebRTC Product of the Year Award. The recipients have displayed groundbreaking innovation in the WebRTC space and we look forward to seeing their future successes.

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Why Corporate/Financial Institutions need a new Telephony model

Why old Telecom firms are likely to lower to the competitive edge that Businesess, Corporates, Insurances, and banks for the telecommunication need from their modern providers.

Posted: 08.07.2015
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Reimagining Telephony for A Multi-channel at Crowne Plaza Dubai

The Technology that powers Web Telephony is evolving rapidly. Businesses, Corporates and their groups, as well as Governement intitutions will follow to stay ahead.

Posted: 08.07.2015
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Making the most of telephony conferences in Real time at the Crowne Plaza Belgrade

A thorough review in conference to inform about how to connect Belgrade and Dubai reducing the telecommunication costs.
At Crowne Plaza Dubai, we raised revenue with a Partner and made strategic plans.

Posted: 13.05.2015

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Having online job has a lot of benefits:
You are free (no big office with a lot of people, no open space, no one observes you), you are at home, you have your favorite mug near you but you know that someone there Worldwide to call you from your Web-pages, email signature, social media & blog...

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